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Hi, I’m Bryon

I've worked in Technology for over 35 years and been a successful Entrepreneur since 2007 co-founding and running an amazing IT Services company.

I built my first computer with my dad which was an Apple II+ enclosed in a wood case. Even though the case was made of Oak, we called it a Pineapple. In this sense, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and to this day, I believe that nothing is impossible, it just hasn't been done before.

While computers have been in my veins since I was 13, my most prominent skill was understanding people.

Throughout my life I was asked to deal with the difficult department head or the disgruntled customer or enraged CEO and I earned the name of "the client whisperer".

While I was never perfect at this, I have always had a growth mindset. I voraciously read books on subjects from business, leadership and growth and use every opportunity to put the concepts into practice.

After working with a national IT consulting company for many years, I decided I wanted to cut my teeth in the venture capital startup world and was an early member of a fabless semiconductor company. We worked crazy hours, wore many hats, and tried to disrupt the world. 

While we did not succeed, a large group of the people there, alongside myself eventually became CEOs of some significant companies adding real value to the market. Those who thrive on solving problems and creating something from nothing grow significantly while in a startup.

After joining 2 more startup companies that were not going to significantly launch I decided to start a company that would fail or succeed through my effort and actively use the concepts that I loved and ensure that the bad elements of places I worked would not creep into the company. Strangely, I was just as focused on what the culture should be along with the details of the services we would offer. I had seen firsthand the power of a great culture and the dysfunction of a bad culture. I reached out to Jeff Ouellette and we cofounded iuvo Technologies, which eventually became iuvo.

iuvo became an award-winning, market-leading IT consulting and managed service provider. iuvo has been a 5-time winner of Inc Magazine's Inc 5000 and 4-time winner of Boston Business Journals' Fast 50, SmartCEO magazine's Future 50 as well as Inc Magazine and Boston Business Journals Best Places to Work.

In 2019, I Proudly Received The MSP 501

Lifetime Achievement Award.

A lifelong believer in the power of innovation and people-first, authentic leadership, I have worked at every level of the industry, with more than three decades of experience in IT and management, all of which led me to my current role today. A growth-minded thought leader in IT, I know the importance of guiding teams with a people-first mindset, every chance I can.

During My
Tenure As CEO,

I began delivering my messages to conferences, symposiums, and webinars in the form of keynotes, panels and information sessions about culture, leadership and creating a company of leaders.  To my delight, the ideas took root and there became more interest in how others could use what we developed to grow their company in the same manner. I have many speaking topics  from Leadership to Culture to many areas of technology that can transform businesses. 

In January 2022 I started working on my first book called Leadership at the Edge and I am proud to say that after two years of writing and editing it is available in the Spring of 2024

The best way to have a creative and interesting company is to hire people who are interesting outside of work. People who are curious about the world and who can bring new perspectives to solving problems and creating new products and services.

One area which I spend my extra time is around playing and creating music and take guitar lessons to further develop my craft.

I have found that playing an instrument is like many things in life, the more you know, the more you understand how much you do not know and the growth potential is infinite.

Bryon Beilman holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder.